Autumn Memories rural country house in autumn by Steve Henderson

Interior Decorating: What’s Right For Your Home?

We are a fad-addicted society. If we’re not buying Cabbage Patch Dolls, pet rocks, smaller and smaller phones, or larger ones, we’re obsessing about our homes: are they Traditional style? or Provincial French? Shabby Chic? Modern? Retro? Coastal-themed? Urban? How about Eclectic? While this last category seems it should take the pressure off of following…
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The Hairpin charcoal drawing of young woman sitting thoughtfully at table by Steve Henderson

Pursuing The Wrong Goals

If you’re tired of working “smarter, not harder,” and feeling like you must be dumb because you’re not getting the results you want, then maybe it’s time to rethink your goals. I know what we’re told — by the business, religious, educational, and social seminar gurus that shape our lives if we let them: Be…
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The Cult Of Efficiency

What is it that makes a good human being? In today’s society, which is heavily influenced by the “news,” entertainment, and corporate media, this becomes a bit of a trick question, because although we intrinsically know the answer that ensures the continued existence of the human race  — “Someone who is kind, compassionate, gentle with…
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The Confident Idiot

Confidence and competence are not the same thing. While this sounds obvious, anyone who’s been in a classroom, office, church meeting, or military setting has encountered the bold, self-assured person who steps forward and tells the people in charge, “I am competent in this area, and I have the answer.” Those in the ranks who…
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Breaking The Cycle Of Fear

We live in a society that promotes fear. Our news is filled with it all day and every hour: there are terrorists out to get us, the economy is collapsing, yet another virulent disease is promoted as the one to subdue all mankind. So incessant is the message that there is no rest, but because we…
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