Teach your child, or yourself, to write with this friendly, easy to use, inexpensive book.


A veteran 20-year homeschooler, I write about homeschooling every week on Thursdays.  If you missed a homeschooling articles the first time around, here is a list:

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For an older child who wants to study art, Watercolor Success by Steve Henderson Fine Art is a great introduction.

People who have bought Grammar Despair say,

“I used to be afraid to write anything that would be read by others. I think it was all the red marks on my papers in high school and college. This book helped me understand what I did and didn’t know. Grammar Despair is definitely worth the time and money.”

“If our high school English teachers had taught the way Carolyn Henderson writes, we all would have enjoyed the subject of grammar.”

“A big high Five for this fantastic jewel Grammar Despair written by Carolyn Henderson. Henderson simplifies grammar in such a way that I finely, easily grasp. Well and will, which is it? Well and will had always stumped me, but with in a matter of moments of reading Henderson’s explanation on the usage of these two words it has become quite clear to which word is appropriate to use.”

“So simple and straightforward. Should be compulsory reading for everyone including educators and anyone writing blogs, websites, journalists and editors.”





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