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“There are many dire books on life in retirement and there are even more dreadfully dire books on how to save money . . . There are only a few books on living happily on less and this is a good one.” Amazon UK reader review of Live Happily on Less

As the author of Live Happily on Less, I devote Fridays to money related articles, designed to improve your life and lifestyle, regardless of how much you make.

The Simple Life: It Hasn’t Changed — Guest post at Nourishing Joy

Economic Relief

Save Money: Shop Like a Man

Read the Article — Not Just the Title

Just Say No to the Medico?

Increasing Taxes — Can We Just Say No?

Alternative Lifestyle Challenges

Are You Poor?

America: What Is the New Normal?

Food Stamps and Finances

What Is It That You Want, Blanche? Guest post at Nourishing Joy

Are You Too Ordinary to Make a Difference?

Support Everyday Americans When You Support Small Business

Feeling like  a Rich Person on a Normal Budget

Living Large at a Bargain Price — book review of Live Happily on Less at Family How

Live Like a Rich Person with What You’ve Got — Guest post at Nourishing Joy

Affordable Back to School Shopping

Save $45, Instantly

Who Wants to be a Millionaire? All of Us

“We Can’t Live on What We’ve Got”

Grocery Store Tip: Question the Bananas

How Little Money Can You Live on?

Garden Produce: To Can or Not to Can

You Can Be Successful without Owning Goats

Is There a Secret to Saving Money? Guest post at Rolling Out Dough

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    1. The smaller plates idea is a great one, Phil — one of those, “I can’t believe this would actually work” ideas. Tired of Being Youngest is a culinary student, and she “Plates Up” our food, taking a small amount of actual food and presenting it in such a way that you feel like you’re eating more.

      Thank you for the book recommendation — I truly believe that people can turn their financial lives around, and my book gets them to ask the questions and find the answers that work.

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