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Worshiping God, Outside of the Group

If you’re a Christian, and you’ve attended church, then you probably recognize the term: “Worship Service.” This is the time, just after the announcements and immediately before the sermon, when the congregation corporately sings — from the hymnal or off the PowerPoint words on a giant white screen. Generally, we’re helped along in the process by the [...]

Golden Opportunity: The Story of This Painting

The story of the painting, Golden Opportunity, by Steve Henderson at Start Your Week with Steve: It’s the perfect sunset — a golden end to the perfect day. The breeze has been just right to gently fill the sails, and the wooden vessel has taken its passengers and crew on a day’s journey through a paradise of [...]

Facebook Fear, Fueled by Christians

This last week on Facebook was one of general fear, anxiety, panic and despair, not so much because everyone was in and out of relationships, or because Lucky Slots wasn’t doing well, but because too many Christians are preparing for the imminent invasion of the United States by hostile forces. The overall message was along the [...]

Christian Meditation

Meditation is one of those words with multiple meanings, and some Christians are frightened by the concept because they think that meditating involves emptying their minds completely and allowing outside spiritual forces to fill the vacuum. (Interestingly, this is a good description of what happens when we sit in front of the TV, chips in hand, but for [...]

Left Behind: Is It Obligatory to Attend This Movie?

Well, here we go again. It’s not that long ago that Christians were urged to see the movie Noah, starring Russell Crowe and produced by atheist director Darren Aronofsky, who described his cinematic efforts in a March 24, 2014, Washington Times article as “the least biblical biblical film ever made.” Despite the (deliberate) inattention to spiritual, historical, and literary accuracy, too many [...]

Midday Tea: The Story of This Painting

The story of the painting, Midday Tea, by Steve Henderson at Start Your Week with Steve: The answer to the question, “How are you?” used to be, “Fine.” In the modern world, however, the answer has morphed to, “Oh, I’m so busy!” to which the initial questioner replies, “Oh, I know! Life is really busy!” Being [...]

The Dumbing Down of America Marches on

I have a friend who worked for the medical publication industry — which creates articles and circulars that enjoin: “Get your flu shot and eat those veggies!” Years ago, she explained, this written material was created at various reading levels, with the premiere offerings targeted to grade 14 or 15 (a sophomore or junior at [...]

Why Are Christians Panicking?

Like various government, corporate, and financial agencies, I scroll through Facebook to get an idea of how the populace is thinking, and the other day someone posted a video clip of Air Force Lt. General McInerney — somber, serious, and very authoritative looking — warning Fox News acolytes, er, viewers about the imminent Isis threat to the [...]

Christians: Here Are Three Sentences That Really Help People

Words are powerful, but not in the way prosperity preachers or New Age advocates claim. While words themselves do not convey any ability to create reality, simply because we utter them (e.g., “I CLAIM this blessing!”), they affect those around us because they soothe and heal, or they hurt and damage. Every day, regardless of what our [...]

Gathering Thoughts — The Story of This Painting

The story of the painting, Gathering Thoughts, by Steve Henderson at Start Your Week with Steve: The ocean is a place of peace and tranquility, interspersed with motion, movement, and the endless sound of the surf. The first response of many, upon entering a beach, is to kick off the shoes and walk — on the [...]

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