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Human Suffering, and Wondering What God Is Doing about It

On one of the Christian Google communities I follow, a perfidious little troll regularly posts photos of starving children, highlighting his point with accompanying commentary like, “Where is the good and gracious God?” Actually, he’s more verbally adroit than that — quite shrewd, actually — and to avoid confrontation or actual dialogue he sets up the post so that people cannot respond. [...]

Mindless, Meaningless Phrases We Repeat

Life in the world of men consists of partial statements, misinformation, disinformation, and 95 percent of the truth mixed in with 5 percent of the lie, and the winner of the game is the one who recognizes this and doesn’t get caught. Unfortunately, many of the same techniques are used within the spiritual realm — [...]

Megachurch Rock Star Pastors

In our younger years, the Norwegian Artist and I bicycled through small-town America, and for housing, we often asked a local church if we could camp in their basement. Encountering everything from open-armed hospitality to outright hostility, we ultimately found ourselves attending a lot of church services. One that made permanent memories was a revival meeting, in a tent, [...]

Phonograph Days: The Story of This Painting

The story of the painting, Phonograph Days, by Steve Henderson at Start Your Week with Steve: Music is an element of the human experience that transcends time and culture, and it is as important to the health of our souls as visual artwork. In Phonograph Days, a young woman loses herself in the swing of things — because [...]

Thoughtcrime: Are We Guilty?

Think about the term, Judeo-Christian values. We bandy it about, especially we Christians, and the idea is that, because Jews and Christians share a common heritage (the Old Testament, and Abraham as our collective father), we should support one another, without question. How that “somehow” plays about these days is that Christians, unequivocally, are told to uphold everything the state [...]

Christian Politics — What’s This?

We have two sets of friends that we have always wanted to put together in the same room: Set A is classic U.S.A. Republican party, and they worship George W. Bush. The world ended on the day he left the White House, and if they believed in saints, George would be greater than Peter. Set [...]

Our Obsession with Success

If you want people to read an article you write, or watch a video you post, just make sure that the title has the word, “Success” in it. (I know. I just did that. Did it work?) Fortunately, I am not attracted by these headlines that really reel the readers in, (preferring, instead, articles with photos of [...]

Into the Surf: The Story of This Painting

The story of Into the Surf, the original oil painting by Steve Henderson at Start Your Week with Steve: Children are the world’s best imitators. Naturally observant (until we drive it out of them), they learn by watching, reflecting and doing, and one reason they pick up languages so quickly is that they’re willing to make mistakes and learn [...]

Alone Does Not Mean Lonely; and Lonely Does Not Mean Loser

I live in a society that is desperately afraid of being alone. So alarmed are we of solitude that we define normalcy by how many groups we belong to: “I go to church, Sunday School, and small groups.” “I volunteer through our Give-Back-to-Others program at work.” “I belong to many civic organizations, and we do good things for [...]

Did That Christian Just Call Your Child a DOG?

Those of you who have lived with, or through, a fifteen-year-old girl know that adolescents of this age generally fight self-esteem issues. Call it hormones, peer pressure, society, or fat days, 15-year-old girls need a lot of love and reassurance that they are beautiful, beloved people. When one of our progeny was 15, in the [...]

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