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Beachside Diversions: The Story of This Painting

The story of the painting, Beachside Diversions by Steve Henderson, at Start Your Week with Steve. There is a sense of nostalgia in Beachside Diversions, as an adult and a child interact, while each continues to reside in her own world, on the seashore. The adult, as adults do, is caring for the child, adjusting the hat so that [...]

Christianity’s Broken Promise — or Man’s?

This weekend I enjoyed the company of three out of four of my adult children. It is impossible for me to describe to you how much I love these four progeny of mine — whenever I talk to them, play cribbage with them, eat with them, or just spend time with them — even mentally [...]

“Celebrating” the Anniversary of the Vietnam War

Anniversaries are supposed to be celebratory things, generally of weddings, when a couple starts a whole new life together. How odd that we use the same word, “anniversary,” to acknowledge — surely not celebrate? — the unwanted introduction of the Vietnam War into all of our lives. I was two years old when Lyndon B. Johnson [...]

Frozen in Fear — What Do We Do?

The other day, I found myself in the middle of a church picnic. It was totally unintentional, and I’ll tell you the story someday, but the upshot is, I was chatting with a safe woman from the group, when I tossed out my usual question to determine whether or not a person is awake: “So, do you [...]

Peace: The Story of This Painting

The story of the painting, Peace, by Steve Henderson at Start Your Week with Steve. Wallowa Lake in Joseph, OR, is a place of quiet beauty and awe. In the 19th century, Young Chief Joseph of the Nez Perce Indian tribe took his people there in summer to hunt, fish, and live. The mountains encircling the lake [...]

Sleeping Christians

The Bible talks a lot about being awake, and all Christians like to think that they are so: “Oh, yes — I’m awake all right to the evils of the world around me!” Quite honestly, as much as we would like to think that Christians, more than anyone, are awake to the evil of mankind and all [...]

Spiritual Abuse

Years ago in my little town, there was a restaurant that was known not for the quality of its food (above average), the ambiance of its surroundings (cheap chic), or the professionalism of its staff (non-existent). It was famous, and wildly successful, for the way it abused its clientele. From one week to the next, customers never knew what they would [...]

Do We Really Need Prayer in Public Schools?

Christians, like all humans, fuss about things, and a central fussing point of the last many years is prayer in schools. “Our country is falling apart because we no longer have prayer in schools,” people say. emphasizing the point with 2 Chronicles 7: 14 – “If my people, who are called by my name, will [...]

Evening Waltz — The Story of This Painting

The story of the painting, Evening Waltz, by Steve Henderson at Start Your Week with Steve: It is a beauteous evening, and a young couple dances in a ballroom of light, motion, movement, and sound. The song is the sound of the waves and the wild sea birds, and if there is an audience, they are not [...]

Christians Are Not Citizens of Babylon

The 6th century, B.C., was a tumultuous one for the Hebrew people. Always beset and troubled by enemies, the Jewish state, barely holding out in the territory of Judah and its capitol city, Jerusalem, was finally and fully conquered by the Babylonian Empire in 586 B.C. The land was emptied out, and the people were [...]

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