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What Does a Good Boss Look Like?

“I have been your leader from my youth until this day. Here I stand.” 1 Samuel 12:2 What does the perfect boss look like? Take out 20 seconds, and think on this. (If you’re at work, do this with your eyes open so no one gets suspicious and suspects that you’re taking time to think about something […]

Arizona Memories

The story of the painting, Arizona Memories, by Steve Henderson at Steve Henderson Fine Art. Childhood memories are ethereal, and while firmly and solidly entrenched in the mind of the person who lived them, they are difficult to communicate, visually, to others. So it was an intriguing challenge for Steve when a family group approached him to […]

Sailboat Thoughts for Father’s Day

Happy Father’s Day — make it more than a day. Maybe you own a sailboat, and maybe you don’t. But the beauty of the human imagination — and fine art — is that we are free in our minds to sail where we will, and throughout our lives, our dreams propel us forward.

Love, from Paris

The story of the painting Love, from Paris by Steve Henderson Fine Art. There’s something about Paris, France that is timeless in its sense of vogue. And there’s something, as well, about the sophisticated classiness of the 1940s and 1950s. The combination of the two leads to a sense of adventure and excitement as the viewer, whether she […]

Pretending to Be God

There is a fine line between trusting God for the future and getting out there and working to make it happen. I am reminded of a couple I knew whose constant prayer was, “Oh, God — solve this problem!” and their only activity in participating in the solution was to anxiously wait, wring their hands, and […]

Why It’s Important for Christians to READ

Our little library is literally just that — quite little — but it has a generous attitude toward ordering inter-library loan books for patrons, and our family must use up a good portion of their budget each year. We read about nutrition, genetic modification of our food supply, the corporatization of our society, history, and […]

What Richard Dawkins Teaches Us about God

Many Christians get angry at prominent atheist Richard Dawkins because he speaks out so forcibly against Christianity, God, and the Bible. It’s silly, really, to get angry at such an angry man, one whose bias against God is so strong, and his business of decrying Him so fruitful, that he has little worldly to gain by […]

“Why Do You Keep Doing Things That Hurt You?”

It’s amazing how often we don’t listen to our friends and family who have some fairly intelligent things to say. (The inverse of this is that we pay undue attention to others who frequently don’t care about us at all or actively dislike us. We embrace their barbs, close to the heart where they scratch, and define […]

Just How Equal Are We in Our Society?

I live in a theoretically egalitarian society. I say theoretically because, although the Declaration of Independence which we, in my country, purport to honor, accept, and abide by (along with the Constitution of the United States) avers that “all men are created equal,” there’s difficulty in the very wording at the beginning: Even Thomas Jefferson, in his […]

What Does “Correct Doctrine” Look Like?

Wait for it. If you’re a Christian asking questions and, not satisfied with the answers you’re being given, you start reading the Bible for yourself to see if what you’re being taught is true, it won’t take long before someone grabs you and says, “You must stop being a rebel. If you stray from the teaching and […]

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