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I Want to Be a Kind Christian, Not a Nasty One

I saw an old photo the other day of a man I never knew. What leapt out from the faded ink and crumpled paper was kindness, a sense of humor, and generosity of spirit. He looked like someone I would like to meet, and given that we are eternal beings, I look forward to the [...]

She Danced by the Light of the Moon — The Story of This Painting

The story of the painting, She Danced by the Light of the Moon, by Steve Henderson at Start Your Week with Steve: Individuality is something we like to pride ourselves on, and to this extent we seek out ways to express how different we are, without being too different, that is. One is reminded of middle [...]

It’s Work — Trusting God

For many years of my young middle adulthood, life was smooth. Not perfect, obviously — when you raise a family of six on one ridiculously modest income, there’s always the stress of making the mandated property tax, insurance payments, and assorted fees involved in living in a “civilized,” bureaucratic regime. But life was relatively predictable, and [...]

Sometimes the Richest Christians Look Poor

Within the Bible, many words that we think of in one way mean another, but most seeming discrepancies — as opposed to being the result of deceit, manipulation, or dis-ingenuousness — can be reasonably addressed and understood. Take the word “rich” for example. I am confident that we’re all pretty familiar with the primary meaning [...]

Dumbed Down Bible Studies — Give ‘Em a Pass

Flattery is a remarkable weapon. Though I’m not a Bible Study Group girl, someone almost caught me years ago by commenting, “You’re smart.” Got my attention, that did. “I think you’d do great in our Bible Study for Intelligent People class,”(and no, it wasn’t called that), “because we’re looking for students who are willing to read [...]

Christians: Stop Being So Obedient

Just how obedient are Christians expected to be — and who expects them to be this way? In recent posts, I’ve been discussing Christian submission toward leadership (Must We Obey Church Authorities? and Is It So Bad to Be a Lone Wolf Christian?), and you can’t bring up that topic without someone putting forth Hebrews 13: 17: [...]

Last Light in Zion: The Story of This Painting

The story of the painting, Last Light in Zion, by Steve Henderson at Start Your Week with Steve: Like many beautiful places, Zion National Park is frequently crowded with people, and it can be difficult to find the solitude that one needs to fully appreciate the awe-inspiring landscape. But there is a secret that we have discovered, through the [...]

Whom Should Christians Obey?

Obedience, subservience to authority, submission, docility, accountability — these concepts are so prominent, and so interwoven within many Christian circles, that you’d think they were the foundation upon which Christ taught. In other words, a good Christian does what he or she is told. “Jesus was passive,” someone told me the other day, “and He taught His [...]

The Dangers of Christians Staying Asleep

At my house, if you walk away from the toaster, your breakfast will burn. In the same way that people in my household who want decent toast do not leave the room or drink tea, dreamily incognizant  of the evil appliance on the counter, Christians must keep — in the back of our minds at all [...]

If We Don’t Trust God Enough, Does He Still Answer Our Prayers?

Commonsense goes a long way, and if we used more of it, we wouldn’t rely on Dr. Phil, or Oprah, or, within the religious realm, the myriad of psycho-spiritual counselors writing books telling us how to live our lives to . . . tell us how to live our lives. But like ravens attracted to shiny objects, [...]

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