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Other Humans Are Not Our Servants

It is a universal truth that people who like the Jane Austen book, Pride and Prejudice, frequently go beyond mere “like” to excessive admiration. One of my own daughters is just such a fan, revisiting the story in book, movie, or mini-series form on a regular basis. “Life was so much better in those days,” she […]

What Brave Looks Like

We live in a world that worships movies. And while many Christians would swear up and down that they worship nothing but God and have no idols, honest people stop and admit that popular mass media affects, generally in a non-positive way, how we see our lives and interpret ourselves. Three hundred years ago, people […]

Dear God: Why Is Nothing Happening?

It’s not peculiar that we humans are reassured by knowing that we’re not the only ones going through something. The Internet — a truly free Internet in which we are, quite literally, free to express ourselves without fear of governmental or humanly authoritative repercussions — has done much in recent years to encourage people who otherwise have thought […]

Breathing the Same Air as God

In our latter days of church attendance, we encountered the Michael W. Smith song, “Breathe,” in which the lyrics state, “This is the air I breathe. “This is the air I breathe. “Your holy presence living in me.” The chorus says, “And I am desperate for you. “And I am lost without you.” The words, set to a […]

Celebrate the Little Things of Life — The Evening Ahead

The story of the painting, The Evening Ahead, by Steve Henderson at Start Your Week with Steve. There is a pleasurable sense of anticipation when we are preparing for a special evening or notable event. And the beauty of it all is that the event does not have to be gigantic, or momentous, to instill a sense of […]

The Christian Revival You’re Waiting For? It’s Happening

My Norwegian Artist husband was raised in a small church attached to a big denomination, and throughout his childhood he heard about the promised Revival, with a capital R, of God: It was always about to happen, just on the verge of exploding. But for some reason, unless a big-name evangelist deigned to appear in a nearby […]

The Perfect Will of God

The Perfect Will of God — have you heard of it? While the Bible mentions God’s will, and that it’s perfect, the 21st century establishment definition of The Perfect Will of God really isn’t in the Bible, although many of us act as if it were so. In short, our misguided reasoning looks like this: […]

Hello, Good-bye, and “Jesus Loves You!”

I don’t know how you answer the phone, but generally I say, “Hello,” or “Good Morning (Afternoon, Evening).” Sometimes, when I do the Good Afternoon routine there’s a pause at the other end until someone timidly asks, “Is this a business?” But most of the time, people respond favorably, and then say “Hello,” or “Good […]

Desperately Trying to Fit in

I spent far too much time, as a child, desperately trying to fit in. It’s understandable, given that our school system — like our corporate office culture — is designed to homogenize people, reducing everyone’s individuality to a standardization of “average” that really approaches mediocre. Basically, we want people to just be quiet and do […]

Christians: We Are Family, Not Employees

Once a month or so I pass by this church with a dreadful LED sign: “COME TO ME!” it blares in red, “AND I WILL GIVE YOU REST! “MORNING WORSHIP SERVICE 11:00 A.M. “ADULT & CHLDRNS STUDYTIME 9:30 A.M.” For some reason, I’m never tempted. I feel as if I am being sold something, somehow, […]

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