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Leaving Church

Leaving church — whether a specific fellowship or the industrial model altogether — is not a decision people make lightly. Nor is it one that others take well, and if you are in the process of dropping out of a particular body or the entire conventional, establishment fellowship (i.e., multiple weekly meetings at a specific [...]

Dogs, Cats, or People — Which Are Smarter?

It’s time to bring to a close the age-old debate about whether dogs or cats — and the people who prefer one to the other — are smarter. Not because the general populace has accepted the final resolution of the issue (easy — cats, paws down), but because we have a more pressing question: Are house [...]

Dystopian Fantasy

Nowadays, dystopia is the rage. Books like The Hunger Games, Divergent, and The Maze Runner seem written for the sole purpose of being turned into movies, with a concerted effort to engage today’s youth into the idea that life, and the future, are hopeless. A highly promoted genre, dystopian fare addresses a (theoretically, set far-in-the-future) society characterized by overcrowding, [...]

These Gifts Are Better Than Toys — the Story of This Painting

The story of the painting, These Gifts Are Better Than Toys, by Steve Henderson at Start Your Week with Steve: For being a time of peace, goodwill and joy, Christmas generates a lot of controversy, not the least of which is the variance between out-of-control materialism and the event, Christ’s birth on earth, that a number of people [...]

God Is Never on the Evening News

Some unknown,  unnamed, presumably non-existent person, long ago, said that we should never talk about sex, religion, and politics. Aside from this eliminating pretty much everything interesting worth discussing — including the weather since, with the growing mantra of “Global Change,” the weather is now political (and religious, actually) — this pithy little saying isn’t followed by [...]

Why Group Prayer Isn’t the Only, or Best, Option

Although it’s been years since I’ve been in a regular church situation, I can still conjure up the feelings of dread I felt at ”prayer time,” sitting around a circle (we’re told it’s “intimate”) and sharing details about our lives. The worst part was when we all bowed our heads and prayed for one another, for several reasons: 1) [...]

If We Don’t Forgive Others, Does God Ignore Us?

Too many Christians spend too much time trying to placate a God who will not be satisfied with anything they do, simply because He dislikes them so much. Despite this being an inaccurate understanding of the intimate relationship between a loving, gracious, merciful Father and His vulnerable children, it is the misconception under which a large [...]

Morning’s Glory: The Story of This Painting

The story of the painting, Morning’s Glory, by Steve Henderson at Start Your Week with Steve: Flowers are a symbol of hope, beauty, joy, happiness, good wishes, and cheer. We give them to one another on birthdays and anniversaries as an outward sign of our celebration; we bring them to people who are sick as a means [...]

Forgiveness is Difficult

Forgiveness. We all know we’re supposed to do it, we feel bad when we don’t, and sometimes it’s easier to just not think about it. But forgiveness is such a crucial element to Christianity — because it’s a major factor in love — that it’s worth asking God to help us successfully accomplish it. Jesus spoke [...]

I Really Did Learn Something in Algebra Class

Like many others who struggled through algebra and its highbrow cousins in school and wondered how they would ever be useful in my life, I have successfully lived that life without advanced mathematics. Not that it was totally useless — aside from being a mind-stretching exercise (although Logic would have been more useful) – higher math’s primary impact on my life was to [...]

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