Saturday Sailboat on river bay oil painting by Steve Henderson

Job Dissatisfaction

Many people do not find fulfillment in their jobs. This isn’t surprising given that we live in a corporately-controlled culture, and the satisfaction of the people working is not a major factor discussed in company boardrooms. When profits are what centrally matter, people don’t — logically, you can’t have two diametrically opposed focuses and expect…
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Girl in a Copper Dress oil painting by Steve Henderson

Become An Expert This Year

So, are you an expert in anything? Theoretically, it’s an important question in our society, because we place a lot of value — and trust — in people who assure us they are really, really good at something, like running a country or making millions of dollars or educating our children or interpreting spiritual truths…
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An Unforeseen Encounter Santa Claus looking in shop window by Steve Henderson

Exhausted By Christmas

“Why do stores put up Christmas stuff the day after Halloween?” People ask this all the time, but the answer is eminently practical:   Because Christmas sells, big. That two-month window between All Saint’s Day and New Year’s is a precious one for retailers and businesses seeking to capitalize on a season in which people…
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Mt Nebo Range utah road in snowy hills and clouds overhead by Steve Henderson

Follow Your Dream — Wisely

There are so many lies to combat in our society, it’s easy to start sounding grumpy about it all. I mean, who could possibly have a bone to pick with Dori, the winsome little fish in Finding Nemo? Charmingly ditzy, likably clueless, the perky blue fish sings, “Just keep swimming! Just keep swimming!” as a…
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Seaside Story mother and child on ocean beach reading by Steve Henderson

Parenting Experts: By Any Chance Are These . . . Parents?

One of the first things I learned as a new parent 28 years ago, was that according to the multifarious experts in child rearing, I was unqualified for the job. My first lesson came from the 23-year-old childless county health nurse who provided stunningly ludicrous advice on breastfeeding, confirmed by the 65-year-old male pediatrician, resulting…
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