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Desperately Trying to Fit in

I spent far too much time, as a child, desperately trying to fit in. It’s understandable, given that our school system — like our corporate office culture — is designed to homogenize people, reducing everyone’s individuality to a standardization of “average” that really approaches mediocre. Basically, we want people to just be quiet and do […]

Christians: We Are Family, Not Employees

Once a month or so I pass by this church with a dreadful LED sign: “COME TO ME!” it blares in red, “AND I WILL GIVE YOU REST! “MORNING WORSHIP SERVICE 11:00 A.M. “ADULT & CHLDRNS STUDYTIME 9:30 A.M.” For some reason, I’m never tempted. I feel as if I am being sold something, somehow, […]

The Lies We’re Told

Deception is fascinating. At base, deception is simply lying, which doesn’t sound so mysterious and awesome, but truly good deception is done in such a way that the people accepting the lies, think that they are believing the truth. Deception is at the base of pretty much everything we do in our culture. Years ago, […]

Inside, We’re All Beautiful

The story of The Girl in the Copper Dress (3), original oil painting and licensed print by Steve Henderson at Start Your Week with Steve: She is a dancer. Lithe, graceful, comely, The Girl in a Copper Dress turns every move into an expression of choreography, and while she is not performing for an audience, she […]

Does It Matter, The Clothes We Wear?

There’s something about three-piece suits that seems so civilized. Think of the average James Bond movie, in which all sorts of people are shot and blown up — the bad guys, that is — and James remains unruffled, dignified, and full of aplomb. He performs so many physically grueling acts, outside of the bedroom, that is, while wearing […]

The Lies We’re Told

It’s no surprise that we’re lied to all the time. Anyone who follows politics in any manner at all readily acknowledges that politicians lie. And businessmen lie. And mass media magnates lie. And iconic religious celebrities lie. All sorts of people lie, and this, again, is no surprise to us. What is a surprise, or […]

Blind Obedience

Years ago, a woman proudly described to me what her husband had said about her: “He said I was very strong-willed,” she commented, “and that I needed to be more obedient.” After figuring out that she wasn’t referring to the family dog, I commented, “But aren’t you partners in life?” “Oh, no,” she replied. “He’s […]

Looking for Things That Are Worth Finding

The story of the painting, Eyrie, by Steve Henderson, at Start Your Week with Steve: We live in a world that little appreciates the value and worth of solitude. Our days consist of the busyness of commerce, and while one must work to eat, too many people work too much, for too long, and are satisfied with […]

“I’m Not Sick; I’m Righteous”

Years ago, I was at a church family camp function when a person new to the congregation sidled gently to my side and began chit chatting. Abruptly, she then said, “I don’t find this church particularly friendly. Do you?” Initially I was nonplussed, because, well . . . our family had been going there for years and […]


There are certain things one simply does not discuss in church circles, and I really don’t mean sex, alcohol, the f-word, or thong underwear. As in most marriages, money is a topic that causes a lot of angst and disagreement, and within esoteric church community, tithing — loosely defined as giving 10 percent of one’s income (gross […]

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