sunrise columbia river geese swimming home decor art print steve henderson

Dissatisfaction And Stress

We all have one life, and the one we are given is the one that we have.

“Stuck with,” we are tempted to grumble when we compare our circumstances with our perception of other people’s lives. It is easy, especially in this day of shallow social media posts, to think that  everyone else has the perfect job, perfect relationship, perfect car, and, thanks to enhancement apps, the perfect face and figure.

sunrise columbia river geese swimming home decor art print steve henderson
Until we are at peace with our thoughts, we are not truly at peace. Sunrise on the Columbia by Steve Henderson; home decor prints (framed, canvas, metal art) at Steve Henderson Collections.

Our one beautiful, precious life, we think, is deficient.

Regardless of one’s religious persuasion, we can see why “Do Not Covet,” is one of the 10 commandments. Long before Facebook, the one who created us knew that when we look at what others have (or we think they have) and compare it with our own situation, we always wind up feeling shortchanged.

Dissatisfaction in Our Lives

Dissatisfaction is a bad companion with whom to live. So are stress, anxiety, and worry, dissatisfaction’s friends who join our household at his invitation.

While admittedly, there is no end of things to stress about in this life of ours — money (never enough, is there?), medical issues, whether or not the car will start, irritating people we’d rather avoid but can’t, the tenuousness of our employment situation — none of these improve when we look at them with the thought, “I’ve been cheated. No one else has the situation I do.”

Hailey girl in meadow holding flower home decor wall art print
It is wise to consciously take time to reflect on what we have, and be grateful. Hailey by Steve Henderson. Home decor art print (framed, canvas, metal, more) at Steve Henderson Collections

Actually, that’s true — no one else does have our exact situation, but that’s also because they don’t possess our specific gifts and strengths as well: family, friends, skills, dreams, background, and yes, material possessions. (These latter don’t have to be lavish or opulent to be useful.)

When we discount what we have as not enough, it devalues, because we don’t use it as we could.

You have one life, and it is uniquely yours. The next time you’re convinced you don’t have what you need (but everyone else does), then instead of focusing on other people’s Facebook posts, turn off the phone, walk outside, and be under the sky for awhile.

It’s big. You’re small. But not so small that the Person who made the sky didn’t also make a place for you to walk, create, and live a meaningful life under it.

There are lots of techniques to cope with stress, including addressing dissatisfaction. One of the more unique ways involves staring at a painting — find out more in my article, Counteracting Stress through Fine Art.