Girl in a Copper Dress oil painting by Steve Henderson

Become An Expert This Year

So, are you an expert in anything?

Theoretically, it’s an important question in our society, because we place a lot of value — and trust — in people who assure us they are really, really good at something,

like running a country

or making millions of dollars

Light Reading Woman with book watercolor painting by Steve Hendersonor educating our children

or interpreting spiritual truths

or reporting the news.

It goes on and on, the list of experts ever growing as universities develop more and more graduate degree programs, and social media, mass media, and book publishers inundate us with commentators, analysts, philosophers, financial gurus, and successful-life coaches.

But the one clear message that always comes through is, “Ordinary people — the kind who work jobs and try to keep back enough money so they can feed their family and enjoy an evening with a book now and then — need not apply. Unless you go through the approved paths, you are not an expert.”Girl in a Copper Dress oil painting by Steve Henderson

There is, however, a path to expertise that is open to all people, regardless of their educational or familial background, and though it requires years to develop fully, it does not demand that we fill out an application, write an entrance essay, or prove that we are worthy in the eyes of powerful men. And it starts today, this moment, with nothing more than the willingness to question what we are told, what we are taught, what the experts assure us that we must believe.

And what is the area of this expertise?


Thank You

Thank you for joining me at This Woman Writes. Trust yourself, and your intelligence, more than you do, and definitely more than you are told you should.

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