Christian Politics — What’s This?

The World Traveler inspirational oil painting of Santa at North Pole with world globe by Steve Henderson
The world is in much better shape in Santa’s hands, than it is in the hands of politicians. The World Traveler, original oil painting by Steve Henderson.

We have two sets of friends that we have always wanted to put together in the same room:

Set A is classic U.S.A. Republican party, and they worship George W. Bush. The world ended on the day he left the White House, and if they believed in saints, George would be greater than Peter.

Set B is pure Democrat. They don’t need to believe in saints, because Barack Obama is equivalent to, or greater than, Christ.

Ironically, we think they would get along famously together, as long as one didn’t mention the name of their respective human Messiah. So focused is each set on the marriage of political beliefs with God’s way of doing things, that they can’t separate the two.

While the tenets of Christianity transcend politics, too many people are caught up in the sniping and snapping at one another to realize that, in reality, we’re being played off of one another. Whether it’s Larry King or Bill O’Reilly talking, their primary goal is to agitate listeners and increase traffic  — and we’re falling for it.

The Misfit Christian by Carolyn Henderson
The Misfit Christian is written for seekers and believers who are tired of being told what they should believe or how they should act.

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