Are Christians Too Obedient?

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Should you question authority?

You bet.

Generally I avoid words like “should,” “ought,” and “must,” because they are frequently misused to manipulate people into doing things that they don’t want to do, as in,

“You should go to Sunday School.”

“You ought to tithe regularly to your local church.”

“You mustn’t question everything you’re told or people will think that you’re difficult.”

But if a person is questioning human authority in light of divine teaching — which all free-thinking people should, should do —  these three dictates won’t influence him, because he’ll stop, consider, and, in the case of a serious, thinking Christian, crack open his Bible and research:

“Is Sunday School even mentioned in Scripture?”

“Isn’t tithing an Old Testament decree?”

“The Bereans of the New Testament — they checked out everything the Apostle Paul said. If they checked out the Apostle Paul, what’s to stop me from questioning the words of my pastor? or Joel Osteen? or Dave Ramsey? or Joyce Meyers, James Dobson, Bev Moore, Rick Warren, Tim LaHaye, Pat Robertson, Billy Graham or Carolyn Henderson?”

Ocean Breeze oil painting of woman with red cloth on beach at sunset by Steve Henderson
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Please follow the link to Should You Question Authority? my Commonsense Christianity blog at BeliefNet. As regular readers know, I am only able to post a teaser here, with the hope that you’ll be intrigued enough by what you see to read the rest.

We’ve got to wake up, my friends, and the general message of establishment Christianity is keeping us asleep, especially in the United States. Those with the money and the name to get their message out there are preaching the gospel of follow me, do what I say, don’t ask questions, just get through Sunday and live the rest of your life like the rest of society.

Is it any wonder that Christians, and their message, are considered ineffectual and out of step with real life? If you don’t want to be this way, then don’t.