The Light And Life Of Autumn

Blazing gold set against a blue, blue sky — only in autumn. Homeland 3, licensed open edition print available at Great Big Canvas.

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Steve Says:

I love autumn.

The garden is producing the last of its summer bounty; the leaves of the trees are ablaze in glory; the air is crisp; and there is a promise of the holidays ahead.

Too often, autumn has been associated with endings and death — the newly bared trees, cold nights killing off the tomato plants, more darkness than daylight.

As with anything, our perspective affects how we think about a situation, and my perspective of autumn is that there is no other time of the year when you see so much red, orange, yellow, gold, and even flaming pink.

Pumpkins shout out from fields and porches; children prepare for the one night in the year

Dream Catcher, licensed open edition print available at Great Big Canvas.

when they can be anything they can pretend to be; family members pull out cookbooks as they decide who will make what for Thanksgiving. At night, we counter the early darkness by turning on the lights, basking in their warm glow as we settle down with a good, long book.

I am out in our bright orange Honda Fit, driving around the county grabbing reference shots of the season which I will turn into paintings over the next several months. I have checked my paint supply to ensure that I’m well stocked with warm, vibrant colors, and I know I’ve got plenty of wood in the pile to stoke the stove in my studio.

Happy Autumn, Everybody.

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