Christians: Can We Stop Using This Sentence?


Even an image as simple as a flower is more complex than it seems. How much more so a concept like grace? Purple Iris, original watercolor by Steve Henderson Fine Art

As a Christian and a human being, I avoid the word “should,” because it’s generally used by Person A against Person B, to get Person B to do what Person A wants. So when I use it, I’m serious.

And I’m serious about a sentence that Christians regularly bandy about as a means to prove that they are right and you are wrong, and whatever it is you’re doing of which they disapprove, you need to stop — right now.

It’s an If/Then sentence, one of the most difficult to argue against:

“If the Holy Spirit really lives within you, Then you won’t swear/drink/smoke/wear skimpy tops/let your bra strap show/bite your nails.”

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