The Spirit Of Christmas

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Steve Says:

Every year, when Christmas rolls around, people sigh and say,

“This is such a wonderful time of year. If only we could keep this sense of peace, joy, and goodwill toward men all year round.”

There’s really no reason why we can’t. Considering that many of us are cheerful and forgiving during a holiday that falls during the gloomiest weather of the year (for those of us in the Northern Hemisphere), it should be a snap to be this way during better weather.

But of course it isn’t.

It takes effort to be kind, work to overlook people’s foibles, practice to opt not to be offended, even when we have a right to be. But this is, after all, the Spirit of Christmas, and when you think of all the good feelings it engenders during a 5-6 week period, it’s a worthy goal to reach for.

From the original to a greeting card, Steve’s Christmas paintings can be a part of your holidays. These Gifts Are Better Than Toys by Steve Henderson.

World peace is a stretch, although beauty pageant contestants never fail to mention it. Rather than go for the impossible, we can all — individually — decide to try for the possible: once a day, we can let something slide, smile when we want to frown, bite our tongues and keep silent when it’s simply our pride at stake.

And then we can enjoy a small piece of that Spirit of Christmas every day.

By the way, my Santa Christmas Collection page on the Steve Henderson Website features my original Santa paintings, signed limited edition prints, 14 x 11 matte posters, and Greeting Cards — the latter which you can get signed for that extra feeling of good cheer.

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It’s never too early, or too late, to think about Christmas. Little Angel Bright by Steve Henderson

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