Family Ties

Crystalline Waters — newest original oil painting by Steve Henderson — 12 x 16 on panel, 15 x 19 framed. Shipping is free to the U.S. and Canada.

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Steve Says:

Dysfunctional families, and relationships, exist, simply because anytime you throw human beings in the mix, problems will arise.

But we focus so much on the problems these days that we forget three important things:

1) All families and relationships have some factor, somewhere that is dysfunctional,

2) Just because dysfunctionality exists, does not mean it is the norm, and

3) All of us have some functional family relationship somewhere, and it’s worth nurturing, embracing, and valuing.

I thought of that this weekend as our son celebrated his 19th birthday, up in Alaska, and none of us heard from him. As a close knit family, we keep in touch, and it had been a couple weeks since we had received an e-mail, letter, or phone call. All of our son’s sisters were calling for updates, and the family consensus was, “Where is this guy? Is he okay?”

Finally, Carolyn tracked down the number of the isolated resort where our son is working, and she called and found him: he was fine. Apparently last week’s e-mail had gone awry and he hadn’t discovered this for a week, and he was planning to call, and on and on.

No matter. A collective sigh of relief ensued.

The people in our lives — exuberant, colorful, unique — are what really matter. Spirit of the Canyon, original and signed limited edition prints at Steve Henderson Fine Art; licensed open edition print at Great Big Canvas

My kids matter. As they grow up and out, they wander off for their adventures, and their mother and I are glad for them, but we connect, regularly, by any means we can because the most important thing in our lives is our relationship with one another.

I love my painting, I love my work, Carolyn loves her writing, we both love our simple lifestyle on acreage with too many cats and a dog that insists upon licking — but it all pales against the panoply of color and life that comes from the people in our life who mean the most to us.

It’s easy to forget this and take it for granted. It is easy in our society to strive for name and fame and money and prestige, and to feel that we are missing, something, somehow, if we don’t have it all.

But having it all isn’t what matters. Having the right things — and recognizing that we do — is what matters.

Somewhere in all of our lives is at least one other person who matters. This is something, and someone, worth being very, very thankful for.

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