What You Want, Matters

Landscapes, seascapes, figurative — each person gravitates toward specific subject matter. Highland Road by Steve Henderson

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Steve Says:

“One of the things I enjoy most about dealing directly with art collectors and clients is . . . dealing directly with people. Each and every person who buys a painting has a story, a reason behind why they choose what they do, a specific wall for the artwork, a compelling reason to keep coming back to a painting.

“The individuality of each person who contacts us never ceases to amaze or encourage me.

“‘I’ve been thinking about this painting for months,’ one person told me. ‘I keep looking at it on the website, keep imagining it on my wall. I can’t get it out of my mind and I want it.’

“Those are sweet words for an artist to hear.

“Just as satisfying, however, is the drive, the determination, the perseverance of the person we’re talking to. In a society that strongly emphasizes conformity, fitting in, and standardization, it is a privilege working with people who know what they want and aren’t ashamed to go about getting it.

Originals, prints, licensed prints, posters — people buy art in all forms. Aphrodite, by Steve Henderson, original painting sold; licensed print available.

“Obviously, there’s a right motivation about this and a wrong one — seeking world dominance at the expense of other, innocent people’s right to live their lives peaceably, isn’t a good way to go about things.

“But that’s what I’m not talking about. I’m talking about people — individual people from all walks of life — responding to something that touches them, in this case, one of my paintings, whether it’s an original, a signed limited edition print, an open edition print, or a poster.

“Some of them unabashedly buy a piece because it matches the color of their living room furniture; this pleases them, and the painting complements the overall decor.

“Others are looking for a specific shape or size of canvas, along with the image. Still others purchase because a work reminds them of a place in their childhood or some other memory.

“Regardless of the reasons, they are comfortable with them, and they purchase and artwork for all the right reasons: because they want it, and it makes them happy.

“From the time we are young children we are told not to think too much about ourselves, our wants, our needs, our opinions — to focus, instead,

Spring, winter, autumn, Christmas, art encompasses all seasons of life.

on others. 

“And while it is good, and very necessary, to focus on others, we don’t do this at the expense of checking in with ourselves.

“You matter. What you think, how you think, what pleases you, what makes you laugh, what makes you cry. The more comfortable you are with who you are, the more likely you will make decisions that are right for you.”

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