Conquering Your Learning Curve

In Step by Step Art Success, you’ll learn watercolor as you paint Purple Iris. The original Purple Iris, by Steve Henderson, is available at Steve Henderson Fine Art.

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Steve Says:

“Last week we talked about getting frustrated (Frustration is Crucial). This week let’s talk about your learning curve.

“We’ve all seen those bell-shaped curve diagrams, with the line starting at the bottom and rising steeply to a peek, when it’s all downhill from there. It’s that ‘rising steeply to a peek’ part that is difficult, because it seems to require so much time without a corresponding productivity.

“I know exactly what I’m talking about. These last two weeks I have been experiencing a sharp learning curve with Microsoft PowerPoint and MovieMaker, as I finalize Step by Step Art Success, The Watercolor Workshop. If you’re a regular reader you know that I’ve been keeping you up on the progress of this exciting workshop in DVD or downloadable form.

Lonesome Barn, another original watercolor painting available at Steve Henderson Fine Art, is a bonus painting you can paint on the Step by Step Art Success DVD.

“I was ready to launch it today when there was a glitch with the voice over. It wasn’t a big deal, but considering I’m aiming for as perfect as I can reasonably get, it was enough. I went back to the programs, neither of which are notable for their user-friendliness or excess of instructions, and fixed what needed to be fixed.

“I can confidently say that I have learned a significant amount about PowerPoint and MovieMaker, and based upon the quality of many of the videos I see on YouTube, I would call this new knowledge a fairly uncommon thing.

“As humans, we are so eager to get our message, or our movie, out there, that we don’t take the time needed to get it made correctly. We don’t want to waste time on the learning curve, because we don’t see the immediate results.

Steve Henderson has been painting for a long time, and it shows — in his skill and mastery with paint and the brush. Last Light in Zion, licensed open edition print at Great Big Canvas

“But it’s worth the time invested. Although the results aren’t immediately obvious, they are also not immediately forgotten, and what we learn on that learning curve we apply to the next project. And at that point, because we took time the first time, we find subsequent projects move faster and more efficiently, because we know what we’re doing.

“When it comes to painting, I know what I’m doing — I’ve got decades of learning curves under my belt. And now, thanks to two weeks of steady trying, failing, studying, experimenting, and succeeding, I will be able to pass on my painting learning curves to other, via Step by Step Art Success. 

“Patience. We’re nearly there.”

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