Frustration Is Crucial

If you stick it out, the fruit of frustration is, frequently, joy. Eyrie — original oil painting and signed limited edition print at Steve Henderson Fine Art; licensed open edition art print at Great Big Canvas (click on the picture to see more)

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Steve Says:

“Whether I am teaching a workshop or working with a student in the studio, I see a lot of frustration — and this is really, really good.

“Living in a society that emphasizes success, all the time, at all costs, we are losing an understanding of the value of frustration. It doesn’t help that much of our reading revolves around success stories that are heavy on the result and light on the process. A sentence like this,

“‘He gardened for ten years before he finally figured out how to grow a decent, tasty bunch of celery,’

“does nothing to define and express the hard work, discouragement, determination, irritation, confusion, and sheer frustration of the gardener, interspersed with feelings of encouragement, inspiration, and hope.

Even putting up one’s hair takes practice and patience. Figurative II, Licensed print available at Great Big Canvas, AllPosters, and

“So I find with anything worth doing, and many people who want to learn to paint (and there are a lot of good people who long to do this) do not understand that frustration, and a lot of it, is part of the learning package.

“Frustration is a sign that you are reaching toward a goal that — while achievable — is beyond you right now, but you don’t move forward if you stop and stand still.

“Frustration is a symptom, not an unresolvable problem, and the more you do something, the more frustration you encounter.

“But, also, the better you get at whatever you’re doing, and the next time you’re frustrated, it’s at a higher level, because you’re progressing.

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  1. ritaoceanblue

    Reading your article today gave me inspiration to begin today painting. I would like to thank you. I have been facing painter’s block for a couple of weeks now.

    1. Rita — I have let Steve know that you are inspired, and he is glad. When he writes for the weekly newsletter, he tries to bring about a sense of encouragement, so that people will pursue their hopes, dreams, hobbies, and lives. Both he and I wish you the best on this next painting project, and we’d love to hear from you as to how it is going. You can always reach us directly by e-mailing me at

      Happy painting!

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