Get ‘Em Drunk And They’ll Buy Anything

People don’t have to be forced or tricked into buying art. When they see the piece they love, they gravitate toward it. Lonesome Barn, original watercolor by Steve Henderson.

This is the third of three articles about the Wine/Art scenario, published in Fine Art Views.

I’m not going to ask you if you’ve heard the sentence in the title, but I’d be curious to know how many times you’ve heard it. I’ve lost count. It’s one of those jokes along the lines of what dentists grit their teeth at, you know,

“What’s the matter, Doc? You look down in the mouth!”

The last two articles we have been discussing art, wine, events, and where you fit into all of this (Art and Wine; Wine and Art; On and on  and Art and Wine: They Go Together!)

This week, let’s attack this funny little sentence about drunk people shoving fine art pieces into paper shopping bags and reeling their way out to the car. In the morning, through blurred vision and a blinding headache, they squint at what’s propped up against the door and say,

“What did I buy? How much did I spend?”

Seriously, this is where that sentence ultimately ends up, and it’s absurd.

Read the rest at Get ‘Em Drunk and They’ll Buy anything at the Fine Art Views site. (Check out the comments, too; the readers on this site are perceptive, witty, analytical, and smart.)

A painting is a reminder of the special time and place where we purchased it. Figurative II, open edition licensed art print at Great Big Canvas.

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