The Wisdom Of Children

Children are integral not only to Christmas, but to life. Little Angel Bright, original oil painting and signed limited edition print by Steve Henderson.

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Steve Says:

“I have four children, most of them young adults, and one grandchild (and yes, what you’ve heard about being a grandparent is true: it’s fun, because you don’t have to be the parent).

“The other day, Carolyn was looking at a photo of the grandchild at the age of  two, and Carolyn commented:

“‘When they’re that young, they’re totally innocent. I remember looking into our babies’ eyes and seing zero — zero — signs of deception there. Just 100 percent pure innocence.’

“It doesn’t last, and as much as I love my kids I’d be lying if I didn’t admit that they’re like human beings everywhere, and they learn the techniques of deception at an easy age — we all do. A little lie here, an omission of a fact there, a contrived body gesture giving the illusion that we’re saying something we’re not.

“Deception is such a part of the human experience that it almost seems normal, and maybe, for us as human beings, it is.

“But normal doesn’t equate with ‘right,’ and children, very young children, are the best teachers as to what lack of deception looks like.

“They trust us, the adults in their lives, to do right by them.

Children look at, and respond to, their world with innocence and hope. Bold Innocence, original sold; licensed signed limited edition print at Great Big Canvas.

“In a tired, cynical world where the people with the most cunning are poised to receive the most material advancement, life through the eyes of a child is a different place. It’s a place where what’s important is honor, respect, love, protection, and dignity. Young children don’t love us for our money, fame, or power.

“They love us, and depend upon us, for that honor, respect, love, protection, and dignity, and when they are in our lives, they spur us on to be the people that they need us to be.”

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