Do Art And Wine Really Go Together?

Sailboats and sunshine — now THOSE go together. Golden Opportunity, original oil painting at Steve Henderson Fine Art; licensed open edition print at Great Big Canvas

My alter ego writes weekly for Fine Art Views, a daily newsletter for artists and art lovers. This Week’s article addresses the whole art/wine scenario:

I live in the midst of recently discovered and newly developed wine country, and believe me, nobody is losing any time. The downtown of My Home Town has more wine tasting rooms than coffee shops.

When the city fathers and mothers aren’t promoting the latest wine tasting event, they’re harassing the local toy store because the owner painted a happy, colorful mural on the store front. (The city recently “solved” this problem by painting over the sign, with puke, pig pink.)

What’s especially intriguing about the whole love-that-wine/slap-that-toyshop scenario is that this is a city which, like pretty much every town, enclave, burg, village, municipality out there, prides itself on being “an arts community,” a fairly ironic depiction since its one and only arts center closed down, and what remains are frame shops. There are no for-profit galleries, and one of the most well known pieces of public art is an emaciated bronze cow with a hole in its stomach. Oh, but there’s Art Walk, which we all know draws in hundreds of art patrons weekly, currency clasped in hand, ready to buy fine art.

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