Christmas In July

“These gifts are greater than toys.” Original oil painting, 24 x 24, by Steve Henderson. Signed limited edition prints and open edition prints will be available soon.

From Start Your Week with Steve, the weekly newsletter of Steve Henderson Fine Art

Steve Says:

“This last week, it was 100-plus degrees outside, and since my studio is not air conditioned, it wasn’t much less than that inside.

“And I am painting Santa Claus.

“Things could have been worse. This could have been the day of the photo shoot — which was fortunately around a mere 80 degrees — and the Santa models (there were two) would have found their bright red jacket, warm fur lined boots, and non-sensible cap, even warmer than they were.

“Not to mention the little girl, our granddaughter, who worked with the models and will appear in future paintings (one of which is just about done and shortly to be posted). As articulate as she is for a four-year-old, I still have no idea of what she thought of her afternoon with Santa 1 and Santa 2.

“Christmas trees, which are fairly rare on the market in July, didn’t pose a problem on our property — one of the fir trees needed topping, although I think it would have appreciated the job being done in the winter, while it was dormant. Five minutes after putting the tree up in the studio, the entire building smelled like Christmas.

“Some people keep their Christmas decorations up all year round, and I think I am beginning to understand why: there is something magical, happy, and liberating about Christmas, and it’s worth remembering all year.

That sense of peace and joy? You can feel it in July as well. Catching the Breeze by Steve Henderson — original and signed limited edition print at Steve Henderson Fine Art; licensed open edition print at Great Big Canvas.

“During the actual season, we enjoy the lights and the warmth and the sounds, and everybody seems to be in a good mood. Peace on earth and good will toward men doesn’t seem like such an unreachable goal.

“But then December 26, with its immediately after the season sale, arrives; one week later it’s New Year’s Day with its resolutions and the determination to never eat candy again; one day after that, we’re all back in the office and the magic is gone.

“It’s July. When is the last time you felt that magical sensation of Christmas? Was it . . . more than six months ago?

“Take a moment. Close your eyes. Think of the snow, the cobalt blue nighttime sky, the twinkling lights in the shops, the music, the smiling faces of busy people planning the perfect gifts for the people they love. Think of the Nativity, the sense of hope, the joy.

“Just for a moment, celebrate Christmas in July.”

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  1. HI,
    So glad to find you. Twice today I saw your post – once when following you at Hear it on Sunday and in the comment section for her blog. I am an artist/writer as well. A newbie.
    Love your artwork. I work in watercolour.
    I would like to tweet this but can’t find your twitter handle – only the feed or tweet.
    You can reach me at
    Janis Author of Tadeo Turtle

    1. Hi, Janis — my twitter handle is @ThisWomanWrites.

      I’m glad you found me, and am glad that you are pursuing your art. The artwork on my site is by my Norwegian Artist, Steve Henderson —, and you can find open edition prints at Big Canvas

      (As an aside, the Santa Print, “These Gifts Are Better Than Toys,” will shortly be available through Sagebrush Fine Art)

      You know the best thing about being a newbie, at anything? It’s that you’re in the extreme state of being willing to learn. It’s ironic, but the more we learn, the more we approach intermediate stage, the more we keep ourselves from reaching the advanced stage because we stop asking questions and being willing to learn. So be glad you’re a newbie, asking questions and learning, because with that attitude, you won’t stay Newbie very long! — Carolyn

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