Achieving Impossible Dreams

If you want to achieve your dreams, you’ve got to reach out for them first. Dream Catcher, original painting and signed limited edition print at Steve Henderson Fine Art; licensed open edition print at Great Big Canvas

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Steve Says:

“When we tell people what we do — I paint, Carolyn writes — the general response is, ‘Wow, that’s my dream job.’

 “It is ours as well, and like any dream, it takes a lot of work to achieve, and maintain.

“One thing we’ve learned about following our dreams is that frequently, you will be out of step with the rest of the world, and the bigger your dream and the harder you work at it, the more people you encounter who shake their heads and say, ‘I don’t know guys. It looks pretty difficult to me.’

“They’re not off base, these people. They’re discouraging, but they’re not off base.

“But they’re also missing the point. Achieving a dream is never simple, along the lines of sailing around the world on a cruise ship. It’s more along the lines of what you see in the Shore Leave poster on this page — grabbing the rowboat, because that’s the only thing you’ve got, filling it with provisions, and starting out on the journey.

If you don’t have yacht, but you do have a rowboat, then use the rowboat. Follow Your Dreams poster by Steve Henderson

“You probably won’t find yourself out on the ocean in one of those things, but just the time on the river will be adventurous enough. You will be moving along and in the river of opportunity, growing stronger and more skilled each day, learning to function with what you have, and going places.

“Do you have a big dream, but a small rowboat? If that’s all you’ve got, then use it to the best of your ability. It may not take you to China, but it will take you someplace different from where you are now, and at the end of the day, when you beach the boats and rest for the night, you will be that much closer to your destination than you were this morning.”

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