Achieving Success

Confident, classy, unorthodox — the successful woman. Lady of the Lake, original painting and signed limited edition print at Steve Henderson Fine Art; open edition fine art canvas print at Great Big Canvas

From the Start Your Week with Steve Newsletter by Steve Henderson Fine Art

Steve Says:

Have I made a success of my life?

“This is one of those thoughts that arrives unawares, unannounced, and uninvited, generally around 2 a.m., but it can show up any time.

“And the answer to it depends one hundred percent on what your definition of success is: money, fame, and/or power are the standard indicators by which many of us go by, even when we don’t try to.

“But in the end, and there is an end, because death is even more certain than taxes, the ultimate definition of success is how well we lived the life that we were given.

“What is the old saying? ‘Nobody regrets on their deathbed that they didn’t spend more time at work,’ and it’s true.

“When we look back with regret, it is for the lost opportunities to spend time with the people who matter to us, to tell someone how much they mean to us, to feed somebody who is hungry or comfort a child who is frightened.

“If we want to be a success while we are alive, then we can pursue those hidden opportunities, the ones that don’t make our paycheck or Twitter follower count larger, while we still have the energy and time to do so.

A successful life involves just that — living, and living with joy and contentment. Into the Surf — original painting sold through Steve Henderson Fine Art; open edition fine art canvas print available through Great Big Canvas

“Carolyn discusses this concept of success as well this week in her blog, This Woman Writes, with the article, “You Can Be Successful without Owning Goats.”

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