Day Jobs And Daydreaming

When we create, we get a feeling of exhilaration and joy. Ocean Breeze, original and signed limited edition print at Steve Henderson Fine Art; open edition print at Great Big Canvas

From the Start Your Week with Steve Newsletter of Steve Henderson Fine Art:

Steve Says:

“This last weekend found me in Joseph, OR, judging the Wallowa Valley Festival Arts Exhibition, a regional art show encompassing the inland Pacific Northwest.

“I was struck not only by the art, but by the artists, many of whom were presently working a day job, but who devoted time to their art at night and on weekends — something I did for many years while I worked as a lay medical illustrator.

“Many of the jobs of these artists, however, did not involve creating art during the day. They worked for retail stores, utility companies, educational establishments, and they drove, sold, repaired broken items, and dealt with customer problems and complaints.

“Several of them told me, I daydream about doing this full time some day.

“As a person who does do this full time during the day, I didn’t want to cast a cloud by mentioning that painting full time, as a business, requires a significant time being spent attending to the business aspect, because I appreciate the value of their dream, and their day dream:

The road we walk each day takes us not just to work and back, but to our studio, our hobby room, our garden, where we create. Off the Grid, original oil painting by Steve Henderson

“They want to create. That’s what we as humans are designed for, really, and it’s why we invent things, write books, build bridges, and paint.

“Our society, and our media, emphasize science, math, and computers as the means to develop ourselves into a better world, but in focusing exclusively on these academic disciplines, we lose sight of the other half — the artistic half — that not only makes the world a better place, but the lives of the people who are practicing these artistic pursuits as well.

“Regardless of what you do as a day job, if you feel a sense of urgency, a strong desire, a driving need to paint, sculpt, write, cook, knit, carve — whatever it is that you do to create art — then don’t wait until that magical retirement day to get started.

“You need to do this. The world needs you to do this.”

The act of creating something gives us a sense of enchanted contentment. Enchanted, original oil painting and signed limited edition print at Steve Henderson Fine Art; open edition print at Great Big Canvas

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