The Way It Should Be Romantic couple with umbrella on ocean beach orignal oil painting Steve Henderson

Why You Never Have Enough Time

You don’t have to be that old (I’m not) to remember 3rd grade social studies books promising that we’ll all live on the moon someday. And we’ll drive around in cars that fly. And eat food that looks like pellets. Now while the processed food that looks like what we feed the dog has bountifully…
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The Harvesters two girls picking grapes in autum by steve henderson original oil painting

Do You Have Enough Friends?

We have a twisted view of friendship in our society. Actually, thanks to TV, movies, social media, and training from a young age in government schools, we have a twisted view of a lot of things, and much of adulthood, when we finally decide that we don’t want to live in a fantasy world, consists…
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Got Dreams? Protect Them

If you’ve ever been on social media, if you’ve ever seen a car commercial, if you’ve ever spent an hour in an office meeting listening to a motivational “expert,” then you know that there are a lot of people interested in your reaching your dreams and goals. Actually, they’re not interested at all in if…
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Saturday Sailboat on river bay oil painting by Steve Henderson

Job Dissatisfaction

Many people do not find fulfillment in their jobs. This isn’t surprising given that we live in a corporately-controlled culture, and the satisfaction of the people working is not a major factor discussed in company boardrooms. When profits are what centrally matter, people don’t — logically, you can’t have two diametrically opposed focuses and expect…
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Girl in a Copper Dress oil painting by Steve Henderson

Become An Expert This Year

So, are you an expert in anything? Theoretically, it’s an important question in our society, because we place a lot of value — and trust — in people who assure us they are really, really good at something, like running a country or making millions of dollars or educating our children or interpreting spiritual truths…
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